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Produce compliant documents and have them served
by our professional document server in just a few easy steps!
Save time and costs by using our easy to use templates.

Our Services

Use our templates to create Demands for Payment and Statutory Demands that meet all requirements, and then have them served on your debtor.

Or if you already have the documents prepared, we can serve these documents for you.

We Serve For You

We serve documents Auckland wide.

For delivery oustide of Auckland give us a call for a free quote.

Use Our Templates

Simply complete our online for, our system will create the demand document. We will then serve the documents for you.

We have the following templates available:

  • Demand for Payment (Personal debt)
  • Demand for Payment (Company debt)
  • Statutory Demand Under Section 289 of the Companies Act

Upload Your Own Document

We can pick up documents and deliver them anywhere within the greater Auckland region.

Experienced in all facets of document service and private investigation, our process servers will swear Affidavits of Service as part of our document serving package. We can file the Affidavit with the Court or return it to you, whichever is your preference.

About Us

Court Document Servers is a division of Bishop Warden Limited, a debt solutions company specialising in the purchase and collection of commercial debt.  We intend to grow this site over time to provide a broad range of document templates that can be used by our customers, secure in the knowledge that their form and substance will stand up to scrutiny in any proceedings.